To be different from and better than other interior designing establishments. We envisage a future of mature processes and presence in other nations as well.


To give our esteemed clients a world class and impressive experience. We strive to marry the best of technology with out-of-the-box ideas to mould residential and commercial properties to the personality and energy of the occupants.


We specialize in world class and prompt decoration and renovation services in the domain of commercial as well as residential spaces. Our team features top notch professionals and skilled workers who have considerable expertise and experience in the realm of interior designing. Thanks to our industry experience we have clarity in comprehending client expectations swiftly and able to suggest suitable improvements that will make a difference. By partnering with us, you are guaranteed efficient and effective use of your space which will leave all impressed.

Why Apis

We take pride in our ethics as well as quality. Our policy is to treat our clients, suppliers as well as contractors with dignity and integrity. You will find that we are adaptable and flexible to meet any kind of project requirement. Every project is treated as a challenge which our team strives to succeed in. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment and stringent quality processes to deliver to our valued clients only the best. Every detail however minute is included in the deliverable. Our relationship does not end with the project completion. We believe in superior after sales service and a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Apis Team

Haris M. K. is the CEO and life and breath of Apis Interiors. He infuses his clients with that enthusiasm for design so that the results of his designs partake of the personality of the client.


Mohammed Saju N. S.

Manager, Mahatta Trading co. He says,
Hi, I am a fan of Apis Interiors. They designed my luxury hotel interiors. I was impressed by creativity expressed by their design. Their combination of colors created a state of mind as seen by the observer, and eventually resulted in positive effects on my guests. Color combinations by Apis made the rooms feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable, and dramatic. Thanks Apis !



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fine woods, brilliant lacquers, reflecting glass.
  • We exclusively use veneers made from precious and durable woods for our furniture.
  • We also treat this valuable raw material most responsibly and pay great attention to protecting the environment: the wood comes from controlled forest regions where reforestry is conscientiously practised; we do not buy any tropical woods, and we predominantly construct furniture with genuine wood veneers, for veneer saves wood.
  • Our processing techniques are so well thought out and careful that the furniture will last for many generations. And it is quite obvious what that in turn means …
  • This feeling of responsibility is not something that we practice because it is simply popular at the moment. It was a part of the APIS philosophy as long as 30 years ago when nobody ever really thought about the environment.
  • This way of thinking and acting does not only apply to wood, but also to all the other materials that we use. This is why we have developed a great deal of “know-how” in working with lacquers. In developing intricate lacquering and grinding procedures with up to 7 (seven!) work phases, and using a lot of manual work phases, we produce high-gloss lacquer surfaces with a unique visual depth effect and a high level of resistance. In so doing, we fulfil the most stringent requirements:
  • all APIS furniture is low on emissions and meets the requirements of RAL UZ-38. all the lacquer surfaces fulfil the DIN/EN 71 section 3 norms on the “safety of toys” and are insensitive to saliva and perspiration in accordance with DIN 53160.
  • all APIS furniture surfaces are toxically and physiologically safe and do not contain any kind of substance that may damage health. the APIS assortment has been awarded the “Blue Angel” (environment-friendly) certificate.
  • Glass is another particularly fascinating material used in combination with the wood that always shows its own natural grain in the APIS units. It creates some pleasant alternating effects, extra light and a degree of transparency, especially when used in combination with the lacquer fronts. Glass elements come in a lot of different versions: clear glass, satinized glass and rear-lacquered in many attractive colours. The rear-lacquered glass fronts reflect everything in the room in a gentle way – much more gently than a mirror,
  • for example –
  • and fill the room with a continuously changing interplay of light and shade. This effect is very similar to that created by the high-gloss lacquer surfaces: they open up an additional dimension, a completely new experience in the room.
  • You do not simply look at the front of the units, you actually look into them.
  • All of the surfaces at a glance.
  • Please see the current APIS parts lists for the available surfaces appropriate to the individual ranges.
  • Many thanks!


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Apis Interiors

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